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Big Cat New Release

Rocket New Release

Lioncrest Education is concerned about our children's wellbeing.  We are pleased to present this amazing collection of series and titles from the very best publishers and organisations to help you help children look after their mental health.

Wellbeing Brochure

Download our Wellbeing Collection brochure here! OR visit our Wellbeing Collection webpage

Big Cat is celebrating the publication of its 1000th book, Dani Binns Talented Train Driver.

Now with over 1000 books in the series, Big Cat offers a huge amount of choice for teachers and students. Complete support for primary reading with an equal split between gripping fiction and fascinating non-fiction. Something for every reader at every stage of the journey from phonics to fluency.

Lioncrest Education has a large range of quality, well priced, educational resources for early learning, you're sure to find the perfect resource for your teaching.

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Speech pathologist and educator, Diana Rigg has produced these evidence-based Synthetic Phonics programs. Now Lioncrest Education is proud to offer special PLD Starter Packs with bonus online PD courses included, please take a look - you won't be disappointed.

PLDHeader-99014506db05143c Lioncrest Education - Lioncrest News

Literacy involves more than just recognising words on a page. To be truly literate students need to be able to speak well, interpret what they’re hearing, and transfer all of this information into written language. It’s this broad three skill focus that sets PLD’s resources apart.  Perfect for those of you working in schools.

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A safe and student-friendly reading portal that students can log into from school or home, 24/7.  Years 3-9 Upper-Middle primary.

Order now to access top quality, at-home digital reading resources!

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