Peapod Readers Level 5 Pack (20 Titles)

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Collins Peapod Readers Level 5 Pack (20 Titles)

The perfect start to a child’s journey into learning English.

Peapod Readers capture children’s imaginations as they learn to read and start their journey into learning English.

Encourage children to explore a range of fun & familiar themes across fiction and non-fiction. By exploring the world around them through entertaining stories and playful characters, young learners will build up their English vocabulary and develop key language skills.

Written by a creative team of authors and ELT Young Learner specialists.

Additional Online Material.
Enhance learning with audio files and reading guides free to download for each book you purchase.
Audio – The full Audio of the text brings stories to life. Level-appropriate questions relating to the theme of the book help develop their listening skills.
Reading Guides – Give extra support for all readers with a wealth of ideas for follow-on activities and further reading, allowing children to extend their English language learning.

Before Reading activities.
Introduces some of the key terms and characters that appear in the book.

After Reading activities.
Contains skills-based visuals that children can use to retell the story, making it great speaking practice for Starters and Movers.

Dictionary Support.
A Picture Dictionary at levels 2, 3 and 4 reinforces learning of key vocabulary.
Plus a Mini-dictionary at level 5.

Product SKU Product Name Price with GST Quantity Subtotal
Peapod Readers Level 5 Pack (20 Titles)
.PPR5 Peapod Readers Level 5 Pack (20 Titles) $179.00 $0.00
839725 The Big White Bird $8.95 $0.00
839727 Charlie's Dreams $8.95 $0.00
839728 Excuse Me, Dad $8.95 $0.00
839731 Where does the Sun go in Winter? $8.95 $0.00
839732 The Lost Necklace $8.95 $0.00
839734 Too Sick to Sing $8.95 $0.00
839736 Can You be Our Donkey $8.95 $0.00
839738 Why do I Brush My Teeth? $8.95 $0.00
839739 Jim and the Monster Party $8.95 $0.00
839741 Mimi's Birthday Trip $8.95 $0.00
839743 Doug's Bugs $8.95 $0.00
839745 Ticket to the Moon $8.95 $0.00
839746 Monkey is Missing $8.95 $0.00
839748 I want to Meet a Dinosaur $8.95 $0.00
839749 Everyone Falls Down $8.95 $0.00
839751 How Do We Know about the Weather? $8.95 $0.00
839752 Not Again Ivy! $8.95 $0.00
839754 I'm Bored $8.95 $0.00
839755 Ninja Panda and Me $8.95 $0.00
839757 How Do I Catch A Fish? $8.95 $0.00

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