Musicals & Plays

Early – Upper Years • Years F/K-6 [Y1-7]

Explore a range of texts that facilitate musicals and plays across a range of genres.

Active Lives – Licensed plays and print material

Intended for Years 4-8, Active Lives combines the human-interest appeal of biographies with the hands-on action of plays.

Each Active Lives book contains:

  • A two-spread non-fiction report on an important historical event or time
  • Two one-spread biographies on the two main chracters from the historical event
  • A nine-spread play based on the historical event and featuring the chracters from the biographies PLUS supporting characters
  • A non-fiction feature spread, notes on source material and a glossary.

Take a peak inside ‘Boycotting the Bus’ below…

Collins Music – Roald Dahl Musicals*

Explore the Collins Music Roald Dahl Musicals, a series of complete performance packs for ages 7-11.

Each musical runs for approximately 40 minutes & offers a piano/vocal score as well as a pull-out script, 7-10 speaking parts, any number of non-speaking parts and a singing chorus.

*Performance Licence required. Schools can purchase a performance licence for these excellent musicals by contacting Lioncrest Education FREEcall 1800 249 727

Big Cat Poetry & Plays

Our carefully picked Big Cat Poetry & Plays pack includes 47 Big Cat titles that immerse students in poetry and play style text types.

Texts range from level 4 to 30+ to accomodate a range of different reading abilities.

Take a peek inside one of the play titles below…