Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds

Early Years F/K-2 [Y1-3]

Deliver effective phonics with 328 fully decodable books.

Ensure a secure start to every child’s reading journey in Foundation –
Year 2 [Y1-3] with these decodable fiction and non-fiction books.

  • Foster a love of reading for pleasure with books on a wide range of age-appropriate topics, supported by engaging illustrations and photographs
  • New grapheme-phoneme correspondences are introduced gradually through the clear, cumulative progression of the Letters and Sounds phases
  • High Frequency Words (Common Exception Words) are introduced in line with Letters and Sounds and are kept to a minimum.
  • Focus Phonemes and High Frequency Words (Common Exception Words) are listed in Before Reading – inside the front cover of every book so they can be practised before the reading session.
  • After Reading activities included in the back of every book.

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