Collins Music: Abracadabra Double Bass (Book 1)

Endangered Species – Youth Music Foundation has launched an initiative that will put specific musical instruments into the hands of over 5,000 children, Double Bass is one of them.

The Abracadabra Strings team have already created a highly successful series; now two more consultants have added their expertise to make a first-class tutor for double bass. Teachers and students alike will be delighted with this collection of carefully graded well known tunes which includes many duets and trios as well as solo pieces. Of particular interest to teachers will be the tie-in with Abracadabra Violin, Viola and Cello; the double bass book contains all the same pieces in all the same keys, enabling students of the different instruments to make music together from lesson 1.

The CD contains performances of each item played on double bass, accompanied by the piano (the written music can be found in Abracadabra Strings Piano Accompaniments). The double bass and piano are recorded on separate channels; if CD machines have this facility, students can turn down either channel to listen to each instrument on its own.

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SKU: 1367097

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