Comet Street Kids Red B Pack (12 titles)

Join the Comet Street Kids on their adventures across 144 expertly levelled stories. An action-packed character series with highly decodable books. 12 Red B titles (12pp) for Year F/K-1 [Y1-2].

Categories: Literacy Resources
SKU: .CSKRBYears: Early Years
  • What's included?
    • CSK- Feed the Animals (L4)
    • CSK- Look at This (L5)
    • CSK- The Lost Bug (L5)
    • CSK- Meet the T-Rex (L5)
    • CSK- The Lost Tooth(L5)
    • CSK- Are we Lost? (L5)
    • CSK- Too Much Soap (L5)
    • CSK- Kings and Queens (L6)
    • CSK- Reel that Fish (5)
    • CSK- Thank You (L5)
    • CSK- The Shell (L5)
    • CSK- Too Tall (L6)

Buy Comet Street Kids Red B Pack (12 titles)



Comet Street Kids Red B Pack (12 titles)

Children will become confident and independent readers as they follow the fun adventures of Rav, Asha, Tess, Finn and Stefan, also known as the Comet Street kids. This modern series features diverse characters and stories that really appeal to children of today.

These highly decodable reading books include support for teachers, TAs and parents as well as comprehension questions to check understanding.

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Comet Street Kids Red B Pack (12 titles)
.CSKRB Comet Street Kids Red B Pack (12 titles) $114.00 $0.00
47187829 CSK- Feed the Animals (L4) $9.50 $0.00
47187830 CSK- Look at This (L5) $9.50 $0.00
47187831 CSK- The Lost Bug (L5) $9.50 $0.00
47187832 CSK- Meet the T-Rex (L5) $9.50 $0.00
47187833 CSK- The Lost Tooth(L5) $9.50 $0.00
47187834 CSK- Are we Lost? (L5) $9.50 $0.00
041187 CSK- Too Much Soap (L5) $9.50 $0.00
041188 CSK- Kings and Queens (L6) $9.50 $0.00
041189 CSK- Reel that Fish (5) $9.50 $0.00
041184 CSK- Thank You (L5) $9.50 $0.00
041185 CSK- The Shell (L5) $9.50 $0.00
041186 CSK- Too Tall (L6) $9.50 $0.00

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