Dani Binns: Talented Train Driver (L22) F

When Dani Binns opens up her toy box something exciting happens …

Dani Binns finds herself in the front cab of a train … and she’s the train driver! Asha, the other driver, and Tai, the conductor, show Dani how to work the train’s controls and off they go … until they come across something on the track ahead! Dani slams on the brakes and stops just in time to avoid hitting a herd of cows who have escaped from their field. With danger down the line, will Dani be able to get things back on track?


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Collins Big Cat – Gold  (Year 2)

Gold band fiction books offer developing readers literary language and stories with distinctive characters. More formal non-fiction is included, with a range of unfamiliar terms used.

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SKU: 838187

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