Firehawk An Australian First Nations Tale

Firehawk: An Australian First Nations Tale is part of the Reading Planet Cosmos range of books from Hodder Education. Cosmos provides a vibrant collection of fiction and non-fiction books that will widen children’s reading horizons. Reading Planet books have been carefully levelled to support children in becoming fluent and confident readers. Each book features useful notes and questions to support reading at home and develop comprehension skills.

Reading age: 8-9 years.

Categories: Literacy Resources
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SKU: 837724

Garbayn is very impatient, especially compared to his older brother, Bayri. Garbayn wants to have adventures and hunt with fire more than anything else, but Bayri tells him he must wait until he’s ready and has learned how to do it properly. The younger brother tries his best to do as he’s told; however, he can’t help but finally give in to his burning desire. What will happen when Garbayn tries to hunt with fire alone?

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