Collins Music: Johnny and the Bomb (Book + CD)

Matthew Holmes’ script and song superbly support the plot in a musical for young people to perform and everyone to enjoy. Johnny and his friends travel back in time to their own street, site of a bombing raid intended for a nearby industrial complex. ‘Collateral damage’ is not the only disturbing issue- what happens to the present if you try to save lives in the past? Serious subjects, but with Terry Pratchett there’s always the humour as well, and the musical includes a host of likeable characters.

Matthew Holmes’ script skilfully carries the plot along in Terry Pratchett style and his music swings to contemporary pop and the glorious sound of the forties Big Band.

The complete performance pack with its photocopiable script and piano vocal score includes everything you need for rehearsing and presenting the final show, plus there’s full audio support on CD so you don’t need to read a note of music.

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SKU: 0816560

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