Learn to Read Pack 9 (12 titles)

Includes 12 titles (Levels 7-10)

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Learn to Read Pack 9 (12 titles)

Learn to Read books are written and levelled to provide ample support for beginning readers while expanding vocabulary, building fluency, and developing knowledge across the curriculum.

Help children who are just beginning their reading journey, those who are struggling to gain literacy skills and English Language Learners. Featuring charming stories, rhymes and songs, children will love the Learn to Read books and they will get them hooked into learning how to read!


To support teachers, students and parents, Learn to Read series has comprehension questions and a skills grid.

Product SKU Product Name Price with GST Quantity Subtotal
Learn to Read Pack 9 (12 titles)
.LTR9 Learn to Read Pack 9 (12 titles) $95.40 $0.00
13531 What's the Weather Like Today (L7-8) $7.95 $0.00
13931 Mr Noisy's Helpers (L7-8) $7.95 $0.00
13934 Cat and Dog at School (L7-8) $7.95 $0.00
13935 Houses (L7-8) $7.95 $0.00
13936 Good Choices for Cat and Dog (L7-8) $7.95 $0.00
14354 Cat and Dog Make a Super Snack (L7-8) $7.95 $0.00
13932 Families Share (L7-8) $7.95 $0.00
14356 Dinosaurs Are Dancing (L9-10) $7.95 $0.00
13928 In Times Long Ago (L9-10) $7.95 $0.00
14146 What Sinks? What Floats? (L9-10) $7.95 $0.00
14149 Apron Annie in the Garden (L9-10) $7.95 $0.00
14150 This is the Way (L9-10) $7.95 $0.00

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