Lessons of a LAC – School Bag Set

This anxiety management program gives children a simplified, helpful way to think about anxious chatter and to empower them with simple and fun ways to manage ANXIETY.

What is included in the Lessons of a LAC School Pack:

  • Lessons of a LAC Book
  • USB with Teacher’s Material: Early Stage One, Stage One or Stage Two
  • Set of 12 Courage Cards
  • 2 Plush Characters
  • 2 Finger Puppets
  • Stickers (2 x Loppy & 2 x Curly group)
  • Mind Jar Recipe
  • Using Eyes Card
  • Sample Lesson Plan
SKU: LACSCHOOLSETYears: Early Years, Middle Years, Upper Years
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Lessons of a LAC – School Bag Set

Anxiety is the most common psychological problem in children. Approximately 1 in 5 children suffer it. And EVERYONE worries.

Lessons of a LAC and the anxiety management framework built around it, are the result of the author, Lynn Jenkins, and illustrator, Kirrili Lonergan’s passion for intervention when it comes to children and their wellbeing.


Through an in-depth study of Lessons of a LAC, children will develop an ability to look beyond the simple story within a text and develop their inferential comprehension skills. The text can be used as a model to guide creativity and writing, and focus on grammatical features to allow children an opportunity to engage as an audience and create text of their own. Children are also given the opportunity to delve into their emotions and build an understanding of anxiety and how this can be a ‘danger’ to their emotional state.


Author: Lynn Jenkins is an experienced and practicing clinical psychologist, author and mum of three.

Illustrator: Kirrili Lonergan is children’s book illustrator and mum of four with a passion for communicating visually.


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