Making Sense of Climate Change

Climate change is happening and no one is more ready to tackle this issue than kids. But in recent times, discussion of climate change and its effects has begun to cause fear and anxiety in many young people. This new book by Dr Alex Standish gives an evidence based, informative and calm overview of what’s happened in Earth’s past, what’s happening now, what could happen in the future and what kids, adults and governments worldwide can do to help protect our planet from the effects of climate change. Lots of facts, lots of science and lots of tips and ideas to help everyone make sense of climate change!

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A high-interest topic that’s very important to young people • Written by educators to help teachers, parents and carers explain this complicated and sometimes frightening subject • Narrative text with numerous fact boxes • Colourful, sophisticated designs and imagery • Packed with tips to help kids reduce their carbon footprint • Charts and diagrams to make complicated science accessible to young readers • Non-fiction features including: table of contents, labels and captions, glossary and index

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