Melrose and Croc Go to Town (L14) F

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SKU: 832092

Collins Big Cat – Orange (Year 2)

Orange books offer varied text and characters, with action sustained over several pages.


Little Green Croc is excited to go into town – but it’s very busy out there and Melrose is keen to remind him they should stick together! This glowing picture book from the creator of the Blue Kangaroo series is perfect for sharing with little children who are making friends.

Melrose and Croc are thrilled to be taking an exciting trip to town. Little Green Croc just can’t wait to rush off into the bright lights and bustle of the city, but the slightly more worldly-wise Melrose advises caution – the crowds are big and Croc is a very small crocodile, and if they are not careful, he might end up…LOST! Thankfully the friends are reunited for a happy ending.



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