Message In A Bottle (L23) F

Every morning on their way to school, Cherry and her mum walk along the beach. It’s Cherry’s favourite place in the whole world. But every day the sea washes in rubbish and makes it messy. So, once a week they set out early to tidy it up. One morning, Cherry finds a tiny bottle as she tidies and is desperate to know what’s inside. But when she manages to open it, she realises that this is not the end, but the beginning of a mystery … This intriguing mystery story is written by Nikki Sheehan.


Collins Big Cat – White Plus (Strong Readers Aged 6-7 Years)

White Plus books provide challenging plots and vocabulary as well as opportunities to practise inference, prediction and reading stamina.

Categories: Literacy Resources
Range: Collins Big CatSKU: 839896
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SKU: 839896

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