Paddington in the Garden (L29-30) F

When Paddington starts to make a list of all the nice things he can think of about being a bear and living with the Browns he is sure to include ‘the garden’. Paddington feels very lucky to have such a nice garden, especially as he has his own little patch in it to keep him out of mischief!

When Paddington is around, things are rarely simple and he soon finds that gardening his own little patch in the Brown family’s garden is not as easy as he had thought. He sets out, with a jar of marmalade of course, to look for ideas…

Children can recap the story through Paddington’s list on pages 30–31, providing lots of speaking and listening opportunities.


Collins Big Cat Chapters – Emerald (Year 4)

Emerald books provide a widening range of genres including science fiction and biography, prompting more ways to respond to texts.

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SKU: 832087

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