Palmer’s Mystery Hikes

Accidental Histories – exploring the role of accident and serendipity, to make history.
Each short story provides an opportunity for students to engage with history while improving their core language, research and critical thinking skills.

Accidental Histories are:
• Creative non-fiction
• Based on detailed historical research.

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Accidental Histories: Palmer’s Mystery Hikes Paul Ashton

Coming home from a friend’s house one Sunday afternoon, Thomas came across a street full of rubbish. Thomas peered into the heaps of stuff … and then
something caught his eye on one of the untidy piles: a small, brown album full of old photos. It would take him back to the 1930s and a series of amazing mystery

Palmer’s Mystery Hikes is the first in Paul Ashton’s series of short texts designed to integrate with the Australian Curriculum for Humanities and Social Sciences and
English, each focussed on the role that accident and serendipity play in the past and making history.

Written by history professor Paul Ashton, whose history textbooks have enjoyed great success in Australian schools. They allow for students to understand how history is not just something that can be found in textbooks, but rather that it is something being made around them, and that they are creating their own histories every day.

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