Secrets of the Desert (L26+) F

Altan is living in the Gobi Desert with his family and his faithful camel when one day a dust cloud gathers … followed by motorcars carrying an explorer and his entourage all the way from America! We join Altan as he travels with the Americans across the Mongolian plains in search of something the explorer had heard tell of in ancient myth… dragon eggs! Will they survive the difficult journey and find what they were looking for? This exciting adventure story by Hawys Morgan is based on a real explorer from the 1920s – the American naturalist Roy Chapman Andrews.


Collins Big Cat – Lime Plus (Strong Readers Aged 6-7 Years))

Lime Plus books provide challenging plots and vocabulary as well as opportunities to practise inference, prediction and reading stamina.

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Range: Collins Big CatSKU: 838178
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SKU: 838178

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