Shinoy and the Chaos Crew Graphic Novel: Lunar Launch (L24) F

When Shinoy downloads the Chaos Crew app on his phone, a glitch in the system gives him the power to summon his TV heroes into his world. With the team on board, Shinoy can figure out why weird things are happening in Flat Hill. Is the dastardly red-eyed S.N.A.I.R., a Super Nasty Artificial Intelligent Robot, causing all the trouble or is it something else?

Shinoy’s Dad has found a used sat nav in the bin, so the family want to try it out. What was a joke trip to the moon becomes real when the sat nav links to Shinoy’s Chaos Crew app, and the family have to dodge the moon’s defence system to make it home in one piece.

This exciting title is part of the Shinoy and the Chaos Crew series by Chris Callaghan.


Collins Big Cat – Gold  (Year 2)

Gold band fiction books offer developing readers literary language and stories with distinctive characters. More formal non-fiction is included, with a range of unfamiliar terms used.

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SKU: 845468

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