Sport Set (8 titles)

Sport Set (8 titles)

Inspire the next generation of sporting stars in your school with this fabulous selection of titles covering a wide range of sports. Explore stories of athletes overcoming adversity to achieve success and how this builds resilience. Whether its on the soccer field, cycling in the Tour de France or swimming at the Olympics, students will discover the importance of perseverance and discipline and how they can achieve their sporting dreams!

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Sporting set

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Product SKU Product Name Price with GST Quantity Subtotal
Sport Set (8 titles)
.SPORT24 Sport Set (8 titles) $106.25 $0.00
820875 On The Track (L26-27) NF $12.50 $0.00
723120 Olympic Games (L27-28) NF $12.50 $0.00
733632 Extreme Sports (L28-29) NF $12.95 $0.00
733636 My Olympic Story (L29-30) NF $12.95 $0.00
16398 The Story of Football (L30+) NF $13.50 $0.00
742837 Becoming an Olympic Gymnast (L30+) NF $13.95 $0.00
742838 Swimming the Dream (L30+) NF $13.95 $0.00
742839 The Tour De France (L30+) NF $13.95 $0.00

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