The Dungeon of Despair (L26+) F

When Simon Lancaster hears that his family are going to the local castle for the day, he’s not very impressed. When he hears there’s a dungeon, things start to look up. Little does he know, his trip to the castle is going to end with him never wanting to set foot in a dungeon again, when he wanders off and gets trapped in a hidden cell! How will he make it out? And how is he going to explain this one to his parents …? This thrilling story was written by Ciaran Murtagh.


Collins Big Cat – Lime Plus (Strong Readers Aged 6-7 Years))

Lime Plus books provide challenging plots and vocabulary as well as opportunities to practise inference, prediction and reading stamina.

Categories: Literacy Resources
Range: Collins Big CatSKU: 838181
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SKU: 838181

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