The Storm and The Samurai (L30+) F

“Roll double six or double three, let’s learn about your history.”

Join Aniyah, EJ and Olivia as they play their Ludi board game and are transported to another action-packed adventure back in time, helping real people from history and solving exciting mysteries along the way.

Olivia, EJ and Aniyah have been transported back in time! They must make their way through a tangled forest as a
fierce storm rages around them and try not to get eaten by the wildlife. With danger at every turn, what will happen when they meet a mysterious warrior?

This exciting book is one of several action-packed adventure stories from Black history, written and illustrated by Nadine Cowan.


Collins Big Cat Chapters – Diamond (Year 6)

Diamond books offer more complex, underlying themes to give opportunities for children to understand causes and points of view.

Categories: Literacy Resources
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SKU: 853329

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