Collins Music: Ukulele Magic 1 Pupil (Book & CD)

Learn to play the ukulele at home or in the classroom with these popular kids instruction books specially written for beginners!

Start your musical journey on the ukulele with Ukulele Magic Tutor Book 1 – the fun and approachable method that children and teachers love. Whether you’re in the classroom, at home or playing with friends, this accessible tutor offers the great tunes, clear guidance and all the resources you need to start making Ukulele Magic!

  • 25 pieces carefully progress from playing open strings (eg Stringalong Rag) to songs with one chord (Shortnin bread, A minor miracle, F major march) to two chords (Baboushka, Tab tango, Calypso strum) and finally three chords (In South Africa, Playing the blues).
  • Finger-picking and strumming styles are all introduced step by step in pieces which are fun and stylistic.
  • Fully supported with audio performances and backings.
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SKU: 0818698

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