Whose Poo Are You? Hardcover

This is a guide for tiny zoologists. Whose poo is super stinky? Whose poo is a cube? Who poos in their sleep? Who eats their own poo?! Use the poo clues to work out who each poo belongs to, then turn the page to reveal the poopetrator!

All kids want to be a zoologist, and all kids love talking about poo. This book combines the greatest joys of young children, with each page leading them from “Ew!” to “Oo!”.

Whose Poo Are You? is the scoop on poop. It dishes the dirt on 10 Australian native animals, sneaking fascinating zoological facts in to the minds of children like broccoli blended in to bolognese. A spoonful of poop makes the science go down!

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SKU: 879701

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