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Early Years - Foundation-Year 1

A simple and speedy systematic, synthetic phonics program. Aussie decodables built by Australian educators, authors and speech pathologists to engage and excel all of your learners.

Snappy Sounds addresses your phonics needs with a straightforward kit of components designed to have you and your students decoding.


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Sam - Snappy Sounds 1

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We All Joined In - Snappy Sounds 4

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Funny Photo Day - Snappy Sounds 8

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Snappy Sounds supports you to deliver your phonics teaching effectively through:

  • An explicit and snappy teaching routine that reduces preparation time
  • A mastery teaching sequence that dedicates a quarter of lessons to consolidation & catch up, so you can set the right pace for your students
  • Engaging and modern decodable books that allow students to apply and practise their learning from the beginning
  • An assessment check that reveals exactly where students need further support
  • Online Teachers resource
  • Professional development videos available online.

Fully decodable books

Snappy Sounds are 100% decodable quality texts. Each book practices sounds and letters taught during the week, and they don't use "content words". This means students have the knowledge and skills to read every book they are given. This builds up confidence in reading and helps develop a love of reading from an early age

The Snappy Sounds decodable readers include:

  • Systematic introduction and revision of the letter-sounds correspondences, matching the series' teaching sequence
  • A wide variety of books including fiction and non-fiction text types, designed to engage all students' tastes
  • Guided reading notes including before and after reading activities. These activities provide robust practise of decodable and high frequency words, as well as comprehension and vocabulary checks, and fluency activities.
  • Consolidation and revision books, allowing all students to practise what they have learned to date, whilst providing you with time to support students who have not yet mastered the letters and sounds in that level.
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The program at a Glance

  • Decodable readers - Foundation and Year 1
  • Phonics assessment
  • Teaching Cards, Flashcards, Teacher Resource Books with Online Lesson resources toolkit
  • Classroom resources such as Placemats and Posters

(available when you purchase Snappy Sounds)

Click image above to view Snappy Sounds Foundation titles

Click image above to view Snappy Sounds Year 1 titles


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