Get to Work with Science and Technology

Middle Years • Years 3-6 [Y4-7]

A fascinating narrative non-fiction series that introduces readers to the real-world applications of STEM subjects.

From analysing data, to using tools and technology, readers will be excited to see how real-life scientists and engineers solve problems every day using the same scientific techniques that students study and use in the classroom.

Discover how inventors get inspiration, design and test their ideas, build prototypes and turn clever ideas into fully-fledged inventions.

Each book contains Q&A, glossary, interesting facts and further project ideas to engage your students.

How do you fix a giant tortoise’s damaged shell? What could cause a red river hog to unexpectedly lose weight? It’s all in a day’s work for a busy zoo vet. Discover how zoo vets use technology and their science skills to take care of wild animals every day.