Go For It Maths!

Early Years • Years 1-2 [Y2-3]


Maths is too hard! Maths is boring! I don’t like maths! Sound familiar?

Most young kids start out loving their new found maths skills, but repetitive practise of the same types of sums and questions can be counter productive and will eventually turn off enthusiastic young mathematicians.

Go For It Maths! reinforces maths ideas by getting kids to use their knowledge and skills in lots of different ways.

By playing number games, using reasoning and solving problems, students will see connections between different maths concepts and have the joy of discovering how maths and numbers work in the real world.
Designed for young readers to use on their own or with an adult, the book’s games and activities can be enjoyed by a single child, students working in pairs, or a whole group of kids problem-solving together. The aim of the books is to support and supplement the learning children do during maths lessons. The books will also provide plenty of material for busy teachers to use when planning lessons.

Curriculum links:

  • Maths
  • STEM
  • Non-fiction reading.

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