Marty the Robot

Early – Upper Years • Years 1-12 [Y2-13]

Marty the Robot V2
– a walking, dancing, coding companion that costs little but does a lot!

Specifically designed to help develop STEM skills


Bringing Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to life – and let’s not forget arts and creativity too!

Marty is a real robot designed to help teach coding, electronics, and engineering to kids in a fun and engaging way, for the price of a smart toy.

Meet Marty the Robot V2

A fully-programmable, WiFi and Bluetooth enabled walking robot that’s full of personality. Marty makes learning about programming, robotics and engineering fun, engaging and accessible.

A full, STEM classroom-in-a-box solution, Marty is designed for primary and secondary educators and learners. Marty supports learning progression from screen-free coding, through to block-coding with Scratch, and all the way to real-world programming language Python.

Marty can be used as early as preschool or kindergarten, and all the way up to post-secondary education. Robotical’s educational materials provide a full spectrum of resources, such as video tutorials, lesson plans, student workbooks and so much more.

What Do Teachers And Children Think About Marty The Robot V2?

“Having something physical to move, away from a computer screen, helps pupils better understand what happens when they input certain commands. It moves the lessons from theoretical to practical and pupils can see the interaction between software and hardware. Marty is cute and engaging which makes it easy to introduce him in the classroom. But he also demonstrates how coding can be applied in the real world as he can interact with his surroundings.”
Jonathan Baxter, Depute Head at The Flora Stevenson Primary School

“Marty the Robot is highly motivating and accessible to all ability levels. The students are constantly being challenged as they explore the range of movements that are possible. Technical support from Robotical has been first-class and the local distributor, Lioncrest Education, has been extremely helpful and efficient. Marty is a very engaging resource and easy for staff to use. It is a joy to use a high-quality product that can present such a wide range of opportunities.”
Peter Lee – Stem Teacher – Casino Christian School


✔ Fun & engaging –
Marty helps teach:
  • Coding
  • Programming
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Literacy and Language
  • Social and Emotional Learning

✔ No need to be a programming expert to use Marty in your classroom.

✔ Class packs include everything you need to get started – plus lots of tools and resources online to get you up and running.

✔ Program Marty in languages including Scratch Junior, Scratch and Python.

✔ Use colour cards for screen-free coding with young learners, or upgrade with a Raspberry Pi and run ROS (Robot Operating System) for advanced programmers.

In addition to core components, each pack of 5 robots also includes:

  • 1 Battery Charging Dock with 5 slots
  • 5 Spare batteries
  • 1 Distance Sensor
  • 10 Infrared (IR) Obstacle Sensors
  • 5 Colour Sensors
  • Printed Educators Guide
  • Stickers to customise each robot
  • Coloured Coding Cards for screen-free coding with the robots
  • Convenient storage solution to store every-thing safely
  • Support to help you get up and running with your Martys, straight out of the box!

1 – Humanoid Form

Marty has a personality and is full of character!

2 – Unique Walking Mechanism

Walk, turn, dance, sidestep, kick a ball, wiggle

3 – Range of Expressions and Disco Eyes

Marty’s eyebrows move to express emotions

4 – Motors with Position Sensors

Nine metal-geared smart servo motors (in legs, arms & eyes)

5 – Foot Sensors

Infrared (IR) Sensor & Color Sensor for screenless coding

6 – Quality Moulded Plastic Parts

Classroom-ready, robust and built to last

7 – Acceleration & Tilt Sensor

Found in the control board in Marty’s head

8 – Rechargeable Battery

With run time of 2-3 hours when fully charged

9 – Speaker

Marty speaks and plays sounds

The ‘learn-to-code’ educational robot kit with a big personality

Marty is a fully programmable robot, designed to give kids a fun and hands-on introduction to coding and robotics. Marty is also an expandable robot, perfect for makers and educators. Marty acts as a gateway into computer sciences and can grow with the child from early education to their senior phase.

Adaptable enough to be used from Year 1 up to University level!

Primary (Years 1-6)

Marty introduces foundation concepts:

  • Identify patterns in everyday tasks
  • Understand and structure information
  • Understand, predict and problem solve block-based programming languages
  • Understand and communicate using technical language
  • Develop a sequence of instructions to align to a design brief.

Secondary (Years 7-12)

Marty explores more advanced concepts:

  • Analyse algorithms for correctness and identify faults
  • Understand the world through computational thinking
  • Design testing and build computing solutions
  • Introduce object-oriented programming concepts
  • Understand data structures and process real-world data from sensors.


Free Teacher Resources

Free Lesson Plans

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Benefits of using Humaniod Robots in Education

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Why Marty The Robot?

  • Instant Connection – Marty is a humanoid robot with a big personality that creates an instant human connection!
  • STEM class in a box – Marty comes with lesson plans ready for your classroom
  • Integrates with other areas of learning – Such as Literacy, Numeracy and Health & Wellbeing
  • Lots of flexibility in use – Marty is best suited for years 2-8 but the functionality and learning resources supports all students through F/K-12!

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