Prehistoric Beasts Uncovered

Middle Years • Years 3-6 [Y4-7]

Perfect for dinosaur enthusiasts & ideal for bringing STEM to life!

Think you know everything there is to know about T.rex or Triceratops? 

Think again! Drawing on the latest research and most recent discoveries worldwide, this fantastic dinosaur series uncovers & explores the lives of some of the biggest, fiercest and most incredible beasts ever to live on Earth.

Readers will get to indulge their love of all things dinosaur with page after page of specially commissioned artworks, diagrams and facts. 

Each book also contains a Behind the Facts section where readers can discover how paleontologists and other scientists discovered the information featured in the book. From digging up fossils in scorching deserts to creating CGI reconstructions, each book will bring STEM to life for young readers, showing just how science, maths and technology are helping us uncover the world of the dinosaurs!