Switched on Computing

Early – Upper Years • Years 1-6 [Y2-7]

Switched on Computing offers creative units using the latest FREE software in a format that is designed for teachers of all levels of experience to pick up and use.

How to use Switched on Computing

1. Prepare

  • The Teacher’s Book provides everything you need to know before starting a unit
  • Software in 60 seconds demos show you how to use software referenced in each unit
  • Classroom posters display key vocabulary and concepts, to help students get the most from the unit
  • E-safety road map and guidance within the units promote safe and responsible use of technology.

2. Get Started

  • Six pages of detailed step-by-step guidance is provided for running each task
  • Extension ideas are provided for use with more-able students and for homework to promote home-school links
  • Inclusion guidance provides suggestions to support and engage less-able and ESL children.

3. Assess & progress

  • Simple-to-follow assessment guidance shows you what all, most and some students should demonstrate or understand as they work through the task.
  • The opportunity to use open badges or an editable progression record offers a flexible approach to assessing and tracking progress
  • Classroom ideas show you how to bring the unit alive with suggestions for taking the project further.

Each Year Pack gives you up to a year’s worth of flexible teaching and learning resources and includes six flexible units for each year group.

  • Programming
  • Computational thinking
  • Creativity
  • Computer networks
  • Communication & collaboration
  • Productivity.


Teacher’s Guide and Classroom Posters:

  • Six cross-curricular units
  • Clear step-by-step teacher support
  • Online safety roadmap
  • Two posters for every unit.

Digital Resources:

  • 60 bitesize CPD videos
  • Software in 60 seconds onscreen software demos
  • Unit-specific resources including example of outcomes and data sets
  • A resource bank of sound effects and photos
  • Excel-based Progress Tracker, open badges and pupil  self-assessment record prompts
  • PDFs of the Teacher’s Guide and classroom posters

Online Access

Purchase gives you permanent, free online access to all Switched on Computing resources.

Coverage of the computing curriculum – not just coding!

Delivers clear progression of skills from Year 1 to Year 6 [Y2-7].

E-safety curriculum embedded in every unit.

Supports teachers of all levels of experience with software demos and detailed step-by-step planning.

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