FUNdamental Science Set (16 titles)

These books will have students excited and curious to do more and more science!

Fascinating explanations of natural phenomena and hands-on opportunities for students to observe and investigate the world around us. With high-interest, accessible text and striking, beautiful images, these titles bring STEM to life for young students. The books provide age-appropriate, informative diagrams with close picture and text match.

Each book gives readers the opportunity to observe and experience, ask questions & perform tests, use their maths knowledge, use simple scientific equipment, collect, record and analyse data and communicate their ideas.

Each non-fiction book (32pp) includes discussion topics, experiments and investigations, critical thinking questions and imaginative ideas for hands-on activities.

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FUNdamental Science Set (16 titles)
.FSSET FUNdamental Science Set (16 titles) $271.20 $0.00
054985 Everyday Materials $16.95 $0.00
054977 From a Tiny Seed to a Mighty Tree $16.95 $0.00
054980 Growing and Changing $16.95 $0.00
054979 Habitats and Food Chains $16.95 $0.00
054981 Is It Living or Non Living $16.95 $0.00
054984 Keeping Me Healthy $16.95 $0.00
054983 My Senses $16.95 $0.00
054976 Roots,Stems,Leaves and Flowers $16.95 $0.00
054982 Whats the Season $16.95 $0.00
054978 Wings, Paws, Scales and Claws $16.95 $0.00
856022 Let's Investigate Plastic Pollution $16.95 $0.00
856203 Fruits and Vegetables:How We Grow and Eat Them $16.95 $0.00
856204 Up Close with Microhabitats $16.95 $0.00
856202 How Trees Grow/All About Trees $16.95 $0.00
856201 Having a Baby: How a Human Life Begins $16.95 $0.00
856078 The Problem With Plastic $16.95 $0.00

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