Melrose and Croc Friends for Life (L14) F

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SKU: 832093

Collins Big Cat – Orange (Year 2)

Orange books offer varied text and characters, with action sustained over several pages.


Melrose and Croc discuss all the reasons they are all the very best of friends. From the creator of the Blue Kangaroo series, these adorable characters will soon be your best friends too!

Melrose and Croc are the best of friends. They love all the things about each other that make them who they are.

So when Melrose or Croc feels that nothing they do is good enough, they always know how to cheer each other up – it’s easy: they remind one another of ALL the different things that make them special – unique and totally loveable!

The universal theme of friendship and understanding is sure to touch every heart, as Melrose and Croc show how to love others and also yourself.

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