Rocket Phonics Pupil Practice Bk 1 10pk

Achieve phonics success with Reading Planet Rocket Phonics, a DfE validated SSP programme. These write-in Pupil Practice Booklets provide daily practice of fundamental reading and writing skills. Each Booklet covers a term of phonics teaching and provides activities for decoding (for reading) and segmenting (for spelling and writing).

What’s Included?

Includes 10 copies of Reading Planet Rocket Phonics Pupil Practice Booklet 1 for Reception. Each Booklet has 64 pages of write-in pupil activities including two mini assessments.

Pupil Practice Booklet 1 is also available as a read-only PDF via the 1-year subscription to Rocket Phonics Online to display and model on an interactive whiteboard.

Categories: Phonics/Decodables
SKU: 834758
  • What's included?

Buy Rocket Phonics Pupil Practice Bk 1 10pk


SKU: 834758

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