Snappy Sounds Level 2 Pack (10 titles)

Pack includes 10 titles from Snappy Sounds Level 2 (Suited for Foundation)

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Snappy Sounds Level 2 Pack (10 titles)

Snappy Sounds – A systematic, synthetic phonics program for Foundation and Year 1

Snappy Sounds is a systematic, synthetic phonics series, built by world class educators, authors and speech pathologists. It has been designed to make teaching phonics as simple and as speedy as possible for you and your class. Children will enjoy reading because the resources build confidence quickly.


Snappy Sounds Sequence 2 Decodables (Foundation)

Focus Letters and Sounds in this pack:

  • /k/+/s/: -x   /k/: -ck
  • /f/: -ff   /l/: -ll   /s/: -ss   /z/: -zz
  • VCC and CVCC words; /s/   /z/  Suffix: -s
  • CCVC words
  • CCVCC, CCCVC, CCVCC and CVCCC words; ck   ss
  • /ch/: ch   /ch/: -tch   /sh/: sh
  • th (unvoiced)  th (voiced)  ng  n/k
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Snappy Sounds Level 2 Pack (10 titles)
.024712 Snappy Sounds Level 2 Pack (10 titles) $105.00 $0.00
008525 Jack Can Pack Up (Snappy Sounds F2) $10.50 $0.00
008527 Nell and Jeff Will Go Back (Snappy Sounds F2) $10.50 $0.00
008529 Ants at Camp (Snappy Sounds F2) $10.50 $0.00
008531 Grab the Flag (NF) (Snappy Sounds F2) $10.50 $0.00
008533 Stand Still, Bug! (Snappy Sounds F2) $10.50 $0.00
008535 Fish and Chips (NF) (Snappy Sounds F2) $10.50 $0.00
008537 The Best Nest Quest (Snappy Sounds F2) $10.50 $0.00
008538 The King and the Ring (Snappy Sounds F2) $10.50 $0.00
008540 Plum Buns (Snappy Sounds F2) $10.50 $0.00
008539 Plan a Trip (NF) (Snappy Sounds F2) $10.50 $0.00

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