Welcome to the Ocean

In this book, readers will dive beneath the ocean to discover how fish, marine mammals and a whole host of animals, plants and seaweeds make this habitat their home, form an ecosystem and rely on their habitat and each other for survival.

  • Packed with curriculum science information
  • See how ocean animals find or hunt for their food
  • Meet blue whales, tiny krill, plankton, crabeater seals, orcas, crabs, anglerfish, vampire squid, octopuses, mackerel, great white sharks and many other ocean animals
  • Discover how the giant carcass of a dead whale becomes a source of food for ocean scavengers for many decades when it falls to the seabed
  • Beautiful, labelled photographs throughout
  • Includes an ocean food web diagram


Filled with facts about the natural world, this title is perfect for children studying habitats, animal and plant life cycles, and ecosystems

Categories: Literacy Resources
SKU: 856325
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SKU: 856325

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