Welcome to the Tree Stump

In this book, readers will peek into the secret world of an old tree stump and discover how animals and plants make this microhabitat their home, form an ecosystem and rely on their habitat and each other for survival.

  • Packed with curriculum science information
  • Meet snails, wood mice, weasels, toads, tardigrades (moss piglets), centipedes, woodlice, stag beetles, moths with amazing camouflage, spiders and slow worms
  • Learn about the life cycles of wood mice, woodlice, stag beetles and weasels
  • Discover how moss, ferns and lichens grow
  • Beautiful, labelled photographs throughout
  • Includes a tree stump food web diagram


Filled with facts about the natural world, this title is perfect for children studying habitats, animal and plant life cycles, and ecosystems

Categories: Literacy Resources
SKU: 856326
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SKU: 856326

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