Reading Planet

Early – Upper Years • Levelled • Years F/K-6 [Y1-7]

Why schools love Rising Stars Reading Planet!

Reading Planet is your whole-school solution that will ensure every student achieves reading success and develops a real love of reading.

Reading Planet launches children into a life-long love of reading. With 778 titles over 6 fantastic strands.

This tried-and-tested scheme is now used by thousands of schools to raise attainment and increase engagement.

The exciting new reading program is based on the latest literacy research:

  • Proven approaches
  • Embeds phonics and deepens comprehension
  • Online library available
  • Guided reading or independent reading
  • Decodable texts
  • Teaching support

Reading Planet summary chart

Reading Planet Overview chart with Graphemes

Everything has been created to ensure pupils make essential progress and meet or exceed age-related expectations in reading at every stage.

The exciting blend of flexible print and online resources are ideal for whole-class, group and independent reading in school as well as home reading.

Fiction and non-fiction link to the wider curriculum so pupils can explore key topics while developing their reading skills.

Our books are written for today’s young readers with relatable stories, characters and themes that celebrate diversity.

It makes a difference to reading attainment and engagement.
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Accessible notes, activities and quizzes included in each book ensure parents/carers feel confident in supporting their child’s reading journey.

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