Term 3 – New Titles for your collection

Exciting New Additions to add to your Literacy Collection! 📚

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of 25 fantastic new titles to enrich your literacy collection, perfect for engaging young readers and sparking their curiosity!

Adding these new titles to your collection will not only enhance your library but also inspire and educate your students. Each series offers unique content that supports literacy development and stimulates a love for reading and learning.

Ruby Tuesday: 8 Fantastic STEM Science Titles

Add to your STEM collection with Ruby Tuesday! These 8 exciting new science titles are designed to ignite a passion for exploration and innovation in young minds. Curious kids may ask up to 100 questions each day! For grown-ups that may not always be easy, but here at Ruby Tuesday we’re celebrating those enquiring minds with this series. Each book explores one of science’s big questions and gives young readers a child-friendly explanation packed with science and facts about the natural world. The books are also great for curious grown-ups – so you never have to stop discovering!

Reading Planet: 8 New Titles in the Cosmos Series for Ages 7-11

This vibrant collection of fiction and non-fiction titles add to the Stars to Earth bands (Lime to Grey) in the Cosmos series from Reading Planet. These 8 captivating titles are perfect for ages 7-11, offering a blend of adventure and education. With more titles being added to the Reading Planet series there is interest for all learners.

Big Cat Range: 9 New Titles

The beloved Big Cat range expands with 9 fresh titles! Known for its rich content and diverse themes, Big Cat continues to provide high-quality reading material that caters to various interests and reading levels. These new additions promise to keep students hooked and help develop their literacy skills further.

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Quick Summary of New Titles:

  • Ruby Tuesday: 8 STEM Science Titles
  • Reading Planet: 8 Cosmos Series Titles (Ages 7-11)
  • Big Cat Range: 9 New Titles

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