Big Cat Guided Reading Handbook (Diamond-Pearl)

Complete teaching and assessment support

Collins Big Cat Guided Reading Handbooks provide a continuous program of teaching and assessment that take every reader from phonics to fluency.
  • Detailed support for both collaborative guided reading sessions and independent sessions for Big Cat books (Diamond-Pearl)
  • Supports practice of reading comprehension strategies through focused, targeted lesson plans and resource sheets, ensuring every student reaches age-related expectations
  • Includes advice for demonstrations and modelling in every lesson plan, supporting students in developing key skills such as inference and deduction from the start
  • Vocabulary Boost sessions for every book to extend students’ expressive and receptive vocabulary
  • Formative and summative assessment opportunities to fully assess student progress in reading
  • Supports the English, Science, History and Geography curriculum.

Assess reading fluency quickly and effectively.

The ready-to-use assessment sheets can be administered by a teacher or TA to assess students’ reading speed, accuracy, expression and understanding. The assessments are mapped against book bands and age-related expectations. Assessment sheets can also be accessed as downloads.

  • Identify gaps so they can be targeted and closed
  • Measure and record student progress in fluency
  • Match students to an appropriate-level reading book
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SKU: 825644

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