Dani Binns Set (12 titles) Levels 19-26

Includes 12 Dani Binns titles (Purple-Lime)

Explore STEM careers with Dani Binns! Join sisters Tara and Dani Binns on their exciting, fast-paced adventures as they explore different careers. These books broaden horizons and promote the value of gender parity in the working world. Each book is supported by a lesson plan written by a literary expert, and case studies from real STEM professionals provided by the WISE Campaign.

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Categories: LITERACY
Range: Collins Big CatSKU: .DANISETYears: Early Years, Middle Years
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Dani Binns Set (12 titles) Levels 19-26
.DANISET Dani Binns Set (12 titles) Levels 19-26 $144.00 $0.00
838182 Dani Binns Brilliant Builder (L20) F $11.50 $0.00
838186 Dani Binns Fix-it Farmer (L19) F $11.50 $0.00
848717 Dani Binns Dazzling Dentist (L20) F $11.50 $0.00
838183 Dani Binns: Clever Chef (L22) F $11.50 $0.00
838187 Dani Binns: Talented Train Driver (L22) F $11.50 $0.00
848718 Dani Binns: Problem Solving Plumber (L22) F $11.50 $0.00
838184 Dani Binns Fearless Firefighter (L24) F $12.50 $0.00
838188 Dani Binns Fair-play Footballer (L23) F $12.50 $0.00
848719 Dani Binns Amazing Architect (L24) F $12.50 $0.00
838185 Dani Binns: Practical Paramedic (L26) F $12.50 $0.00
838189 Dani Binns: Promising Police Officer (L26) F $12.50 $0.00
848720 Dani Binns: Heroic Helicopter Pilot (L26+) F $12.50 $0.00

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