Tara Binns Set (18 titles)

Includes 18 Tara Binns titles (Copper-Diamond)

Explore STEM careers with Tara Binns! Join sisters Tara and Dani Binns on their exciting, fast-paced adventures as they explore different careers. These books broaden horizons and promote the value of gender parity in the working world. Each book is supported by a lesson plan written by a literary expert, and case studies from real STEM professionals provided by the WISE Campaign.

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Categories: LITERACY
Range: Collins Big CatSKU: .TARASETYears: Middle Years, Upper Years
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Tara Binns Set (18 titles)
.TARASET Tara Binns Set (18 titles) $233.70 $0.00
830656 Tara Binns: High Flying Pilot (L26-27) F $12.50 $0.00
837328 Tara Binns: Vigilant Vet (L26-27) F $12.50 $0.00
848721 Tara Binns Micro-Mystery Solver (L26-27) F $12.50 $0.00
830657 Tara Binns: Double-quick Doctor (L27-28) $12.50 $0.00
837329 Tara Binns: Intrepid Inventor (L27-28) $12.50 $0.00
848722 Tara Binns Eco-Energy Expert (L27-28) F $12.50 $0.00
830658 Tara Binns: Big Idea Engineer (L28-29) F $12.95 $0.00
837330 Tara Binns: Daring Diver (L28-29) F $12.95 $0.00
848723 Tara Binns Roving Robotics Genius (L28-29) F $12.95 $0.00
830659 Tara Binns: Bright Spark Scientist (L29-30) F $12.95 $0.00
837331 Tara Binns: Mighty Mountain Ranger (L29-30) F $12.95 $0.00
848724 Tara Binns: Deep Sea Explorer (L29-30) F $12.95 $0.00
830660 Tara Binns: Trail-blazing Astronaut (L30+) F $13.50 $0.00
837332 Tara Binns: Creative Coder (L30+) F $13.50 $0.00
848725 Tara Binns: Futuristic Physicist (L30+) F $13.50 $0.00
830661 Tara Binns: Ground-breaking Fossil Hunter (L30+) F $13.50 $0.00
837333 Tara Binns: Clued Up Detective (L30+) F $13.50 $0.00
848726 Tara Binns: Visionary Volcanologist (L30+) F $13.50 $0.00

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