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Marty the Robot 5 pack

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Marty the Robot V2 – a walking, dancing, coding companion that costs little but does a lot!

Specifically designed to help develop STEM skills

Bringing Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to life – and let’s not forget arts and creativity too!

Marty is a real robot designed to help teach coding, electronics, and engineering to kids in a fun and engaging way, for the price of a smart toy.


  • coding
  • programming
  • electronics
  • mechanical engineering
  • mathematics
  • literacy and language
  • social and emotional learning in a fun and engaging way!

No need to be a programming expert to use Marty in your classroom.

Class packs include everything you need to get started – a true STEM class-in-a-box! There are lots of tools and resources online to get you up and running. Check out these online resources here.

Program Marty in languages including Scratch JuniorScratch and Python. Use colour cards for screen-free coding with young learners, or upgrade with a Raspberry Pi and run ROS (Robot Operating System) for advanced programmers.

Adaptable enough to be used from Year 1 up to University level!

Primary (Years 1-6)

Marty introduces foundation concepts:

  • Identify patterns in everyday tasks
  • Understand and structure information
  • Understand, predict and problem solve block-based programming languages
  • Understand and communicate using technical language
  • Develop a sequence of instructions to align to a design brief.

Secondary (Years 7-12)

Marty explores more advanced concepts:

  • Analyse algorithms for correctness and identify faults
  • Understand the world through computational thinking
  • Design testing and build computing solutions
  • Introduce object-oriented programming concepts
  • Understand data structures and process real world data from sensors.

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