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Switched On Minecraft


AU2017 Minecraft p132 revised25 5 17

Switched ON Minecraft is a complete guide to using Minecraft effectively in the classroom.  As well as 18 cross-curricular activities, you have permanent whole-school access to My Rising Stars with further on-line activities and 25 video tutorials.

Actually, there are two options for Minecraft.

  1. is to use the general Minecraft which kids are using at home.  This is not restricted to just the school.  Some schools are already using this with supervision.
  1. is to purchase Minecraft Education – this allows you to control who children are in contact with, and allows you to change the way a world appears and to use various tools that help you run successful Minecraft sessions.  You obtain this from a Microsoft authorised License Reseller. Take a look here: and also this is a good article:  This is what we would recommend. Your Microsoft license reseller will be able to provide pricing and quotations for your school.

  Click here to download the Switched On Minecraft brochure.

 If you prefer to email or fax your order you can download an order form here. 

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